Youth and High School Lacrosse for Ammon / Idaho Falls area of South Eastern Idaho.

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Spring 2023 Group Chats

Spring 2023 Group Chats






by posted 01/30/2023
HS email 1/26/23

I’ve sent a lot of messages via chat this week but wanted to summarize.  If you haven’t joined our group me chat, go here.


-Practices are currently Mondays from 3-4pm at Ammon Elementary.  More spaces should be confirmed soon.  Join the chat to know as that happens.

-Our program received a generous donation to help get us started on matching HS helmets.  This donation will allow us to purchase 10 helmets for the club to put into our rental program.  That said, if you can purchase a helmet, we would really encourage you to do so since 10 won’t be enough.  We need all orders in by this Saturday.  Please complete this order form and venmo @knights-lacrosse.  Because we are ordering in bulk the custom helmets are $275 vs. $350.  If you can’t afford one, we will first rent to our seniors, then varsity players, and go as far as we can go. 

-I didn’t realize I wasn’t the admin of our Facebook and our old admin removed himself.  As a result our page was unpublished.  I’ve been fighting Facebook on it without success and created a new page.  Please follow here.

-Want to order swag??? Go here.

-The Calkins have been instrumental in getting lacrosse lines painted on the Hillcrest High School-Westmark Stadium Project.  The first phase will be complete this fall.  If you want to donate, I can get you more information.

-We have another elementary school lacrosse demo at Ucon Elementary on 2/13 from 9-10 am.  If you can come and demonstrate your moves, we’d appreciate it.  Just let me know!

-And last but certainly not least…have you registered??? Go here if you haven’t.  

Phew….I think that’s it but just in case….be sure to join the chat.  I think I mentioned that 3 times.:)

Thank you!


by posted 01/26/2023
Email to Youth 1/9/2023

There is snow all around and I am talking about Spring Registration....crazy, I know!!!

We aren't ready to get our Youth Teams out on the field just yet but I wanted to open up registration for those that intend on playing in Utah (IMLAX) because you will want to register before they add late fees.  It can get really pricey. 

We've found success these last two spring season allowing players on our 5/6 and 7/8 team the option to play in Both Idaho & Utah or just Idaho only.  We are hopeful we can pull this off again so that a player can choose what level of time and financial commitment they would like to make.  

If you will be on our 5/6 & 7/8 Team for Spring, this is what registration will look like.

1.  Obtain a membership at Memberships are good for 1 year so you may already have one.  The fee is $30.  You will need this number to complete your club registration. This membership includes lacrosse injury insurance. 

2.  Register at  The club fee will be $80.  

3.  For those that are playing in the additional games in Utah, register at  Our teams are co-ed and are registered as a boys team.  Under registration, select Ammon Warriors and Ammon. IMLAX fee will be $165.

If you will be on our K-2 & 3/4 Team for Spring, this is what registration will look like.

1.  Obtain a membership at Memberships are good for 1 year so you may already have one.  The fee is $30.  You will need this number to complete your club registration. This membership includes lacrosse injury insurance. 

2.  Register at  The club fee will be $20 for K-2 and $50 for ¾.


We will be using the same Jerseys that we used in Spring & Fall of 2022. If you already have a jersey, you do not need to purchase a new jersey.  If you need a jersey, the fee will not include shorts.  You will need to purchase black shorts to go with the jersey.  You are unable to choose jersey numbers since they’ve already been ordered.  You will be given the number that matches your size.

Rental Program

We intend to offer our gear rental program for our youth programs again.  The cost will be $50 and include a helmet, chest pad, elbow pads, and gloves.  A player will need to provide their own stick, protective cup (male), and cleats.

Start Date

Practices will begin sometime in March.  We will communicate as we get closer and see what the weather is looking like.


We need a head coach for our K-2 and ¾ team.  Head Coaches get the club fees waived for their child….and you know you want to coach. Just reach out to me if you can help.

See you soon!  Please let me know if you have any questions.  Go Warriors!


by posted 01/09/2023
Spring 2023 High School Lacrosse Registration is Open

Welcome to Spring 2023 High School Lacrosse.

If you are in our Youth Program, a separate email will be coming shortly.

It was a busy summer with a lot of changes and challenges with IHSLL. We were in informed at the beginning of fall that Boise has decided to create their own league and has officially left IHSLL.  As you can imagine, this creates challenges for the growth of lacrosse in the state of Idaho.  It has taken many efforts and meetings from the remaining 13 teams to try to remain intact and keep a successful program in the state of Idaho.  It hasn’t been without frustration and there will be hurdles that we will have to be patient with.  Please understand you won’t be alone in your frustrations. I have spent hours on phone calls trying to help pick up the remnants that have been left because of this.  These changes have required an entirely new board, new sub committees, new plans for championship games, new games struggles and half as many teams to cover the administrative costs of IHSLL.  In addition to these challenges, we will be sharing refs with the Boise League when we already had ref shortages.  Ref fees will also be going up this year. With these changes, our club fees will reflect an increase to offset these expenses.  We will try to work super hard to be mindful of how club fees are spent and do our best to keep fees as low as possible. 

I know this fee increase can be difficult for some and I know getting volunteers for keeping stats has been a challenge as well.  I think the best way to solve both problems will be to offer a limited number of scholarships in trade for stat keeping, setting up the field, and time keeping.  Please reach out to me personally if this is something you’d be interested in doing.  I can go over the details privately.

I want to share the positive of this change so be excited!!!!  In the past, it’s been hard to qualify for All-American spots because Boise always voted for all the spots.  We’ve had some talent locally that was never recognized because of this.  We get to keep half the All-American spots for the remaining teams which provides more opportunities for our players. 

With all this said, registration is open for Spring High School season.  Please go here to register.

We are using the same HS jerseys we used in the Spring and Fall 2022 seasons.  If you did not play either of those seasons on the HS team, you will need to select the option to purchase the jersey package.  If you did play those seasons, you can select the option without the jersey package.

Our first practice will be January 9th from 3-4pm at Ammon Elementary in the gym.  Bring your friends and let’s be stronger than ever.

To stay informed, join this group me chat.

If you have any questions or concerns, you may contact me.  We are in this together and we will make the best of it and be part of the solution of growing this program in the state of Idaho.

See you soon!

Kimri Murphy

by posted 01/06/2023
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